Brendon Baumgartner

Welcome to my home page. It is boastfully browser-independent, and largely content-free.


I currently live in the Silicon Valley, CA area of the US (I'd argue the silicon part these days). My resume from 2002 is here, if you're interested.


There are no other Brendon Baumgartners existing on the web. There are a few other Brendons though, I list the URLs here instead of providing hyperlinks in order to avoid inflating their google ranks above mine.

Brendon Schumacker
an artist (
Brendon Wilson
a control systems engineer (
Brendon Small
a comedian (
Brendon Bushman
a student (
Brendon Ayanbadejo
a line backer for the Miami Dolphins (
Brendon Pyers
a musician (
Brendon M. Swanson
a marketer (
Brendon Thompson
a graphic designer (

If you like, you could use this obligatory mailto: link to send me mail.

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